CME Release V2.0 Firmware for VX series Keyboards
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CME has announced latest version 2.0 firmware for their VX series MIDI keyboards.

CME VX series Keyboard Controllers are designed to provide the ultimate in control for the demanding lives of today’s musicians. A solid, all-aluminum chassis make these units extremely durable. Sizes from 49 velocity-sensitive semi-weighted keys to 88 professional graded hammer action weighted keys make them ideal for studio, stage, or mobile use. Together with the plentiful programmable controls, automation, setup memory, and the U-CTRL software control capabilities, the VX is a controller that meets the demands of the 21st century musician or producer. The USB MIDI and audio ports allow the VX to interface directly with your PC's music software without any additional hardware. U-CTRL adheres to the popular Mackie Control template, allowing you to easily interface with virtually any feature your DAW or sequencer software without taking your hands off of the VX. Its multifunction expansion slot gives you many options for expansion, including a sound module with sample function, analog synthesizer module, FireWire audio interface module, digital mixing console module, and more.

The major changes resulting from the version 2.0 firmware upgrade are:

F1-F8 knobs can be used to store 8 different preset parameters. This makes live shows easier and slicker.
User can rename the F1- F8 functions, making it easier to recall them.
Adds User Bank automatic memory function.
Adjusts the MIDI Route, making it easier to control external devices.
Octave and transpose buttons can be used for automatic confirmation mode.
Holding down the Dec/Inc button will continue the data change.
Adds turn off function for program change (MSB/LSB/Program Change).
Adds manually save User bank function (Shift+Enter).
Adds manually switch User bank function (Shift+Page).
16 control knob lights can be selected individually.

Removes Keyboard Channel Select when assigning channels.
Removes Z1-Z4 Select when assigning ports.
Removes assignability of F1-F8 buttons.
Puts all Detail Assign functions into Assign Mode.
Removes assignability of Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels.
Adds mode selection for Drum Pads.

Adds program change information for Zone mode.
Improves the velocity layer parameter.
Removes the original note and time display.
Adds loop play mode.
Adds auto-stop function.
Adds fades to Select Recording Channels function.

Adds Auto or Manual modes for motorized faders.
Optimises the demo songs information.
Optimises the demo songs MIDI route.

Fixes the incorrect pitch and order in Scale and Temperament list.

Optimises the keyboard’s velocity curves.
Fixes some parameter errors which cannot be memorised automatically.

Improves U-CTRL function.
Fixes known bugs and glitches.

The full update is free of charge. Users can download it from CME website and select relevant model to upgrade.

For more information and downloads, please visit: support.php?type=app






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