CME VX8 with Famous Japanese Music Producer Nick
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As being invited by the most famous commercial music producer Nick, CME general manager Yitian Zhao, CME product manager Xiaoshuai Chu and kohske Music and Sound president Koh Suzuki visited Nick's Syn music production company and his recording rooms. Nick was a famous British music producer who had lived in Japan for about 15 years. A lot of notable Japanese companies including SONY, TOYOTA and MAZDA, and European and American corporations such as AUDI, BENZE, NOKIA and etc. have asked Nick's Syn music production company and recording rooms to produce music for their commercial advertisements. The advertisement music works produced by Nick were very well known in Japan.

Nick and Koh have known each other for long term. Nick was one of the professional customers of Akai Professional, but his experience of CME was not because of Koh. Nick bought VX8 as the master keyboard which being compatible with Apple Mac and Logic system in his musical production room from Ikebe store. He noticed his old friend Koh was just the Japanese agent for CME while asking the technical staff of Ikebe for the operation of VX. And CME became the
bridge for them to get in touch with each other again. Nick appreciated the touch feeling of VX8's key a lot, and he said it's his most favorite keyboard by now which was very comfortable and natural while playing. Additionally VX8 contains multiple features such like drum pad, motorized faders, and the latest VX Brain software offers people the possibility to program their special keyboard velocity curve as well, even the high-end synthesizers coming from the Japanese notable companies don't have such features, CME products are so great.

Nick could not meet us personally as he was in a meeting with very important customers. However, he told Koh via phone that he would be very pleased to be the endorser for CME and he hoped he can make some time to take pictures for him and his VX8, and recommended his favorite CME products to more people.

Picture with the assistant of Nick

Nick's music production room


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