CME Visited IKEBE-the Most Professional Store
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During the term of MI FAIR JAPAN, CME general manager Yitian Zhao, CME product manager Xiaoshuai Chu, Kohske Music and Sound president Koh Suzuki visited the Shibuya branch of Ikebe, the most professional digital instrument store in Japan. Ikebe is currently on the top status of the sale of professional digital instrument in Japan, and it's very notable in Japan. Its branches are mostly located at the busiest districts in Tokyo and serving for the most professional musicians. The Shibuya branch which also named "Keyboard Branch" distributes digital keyboard instruments mainly and other musical production and recording systems, DJ and live performance gears as well. The CME products are mostly presented at the Pro Rec Section which corresponding to musical production and recording system on the 3rd floor of the Shibuya branch. There are eight musical production configurations respectively being installed with eight popular audio processing programs which are Cubase, Protools, Logic, Sonar, Reason, Live and Digital Performer being presented in the store methodically.

Since the professional features such as motorized fader and the high compatibility with musical software the CME VX serious has, five of the eight musical production configurations have applied the CME master keyboard controllers which are two pieces of VX8, one piece of VX7 and two pieces of VX5, additionally there are two of UFs(UF80/UF70) presented as well. It's not very usual to see so many products of the same brand being presented in Ikebe store, the similar gears in the other three device configurations are respectively Edirol, Novation and M-Audio, thus you can know the rule of CME in Japanese professional audio store from this. Especially in the presentation section of Cubase system in Ikebe store, an experience circumstance which includes one VX8 and two super plasm screens is provided to the customers. Steinberg has already pertained to Yamaha, however, CME product is applied as the optimal gear being compatible with Cubase because of its unique features.

While discussing with the technical staff of Ikebe Shibuya store, CME product manager Xiaoshuai Chu found the staff were very familiar with the operation of VX and UF, and they also expressed their recommendation of the motorized faders and U-CTRL functions of VX, and the duplex wireless MIDI function of UF 2nd generation. All of the seven staff taking charge of the keyboards and recording system related products in Ikebe Shibuya store are fans of CME
products, and they always recommend CME to customers greatly. In addition, the supervisor of Shibuya store particularly likes the CME WIDI-X8 wireless MIDI interface. He said this practical professional wireless MIDI system which was the only one in the market had already been accepted by many professional consumers in Japan. He also had one for himself in order to compatible with his ancient Yamaha KX5 shoulder keyboard on stage and it works very
well. He could present, rock and express his passion as possible as he like during the performance on the stage. We also heard of similar cases on fair, since many keyboarders used shoulder keyboards while performance, they had been searching for a gear such as WIDI-X8 and that's the reason for them to come to the CME booth. They told the CME wireless MIDI technique had become a hot topic among various professional music forums in Japan, many customers had tried other solutions to deal with the similar issues but none can be stable enough on the stage until they found WIDI-X8, and now they were very satisfied with this wireless MIDI technique.

The supervisor and assistants of Ikebe store were presenting the WIDI-X8

CME product manager Xiaoshuai Chu was discussing with the technical staff of Ikebe on the

application of VX

Four computer music production systems being assembled with VX were presented in Ikebe store

UF 70 and UF 80 were presented in Ikebe store

M-Key computer music production system was presented in Ikebe store

The audio systems presented in Ikebe store

6 CME vs 2 M-Audio in Ikebe


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