CME Attended the MI Fair Expo in Japan
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As the only Chinese professional audio instrument brand, CME together with its Japanese general agent Kohske Music and Sound attended the biennial Japanese national instrument expo. This is the first time for the Chinese professional audio instrument company officially attending the Japanese instrument expo, and we can also say that the CME products have indeed gone into the Japanese mainstream instrument market. Kohske instrument and audio
company is the Japanese general agent of CME. It was founded by Kon Suzuki, the former president of AKAI Professional, and it intends to introduce and promote new concept digital audio instrument products. Because of the special status of Koh Suzuki in the Japanese professional digital audio instrument industry, CME quickly attracted a great deal of distributors including the top digital audio instrument distributor Ikebe, and the most three powerful distributors of Japan including Two-Five and Miki-Gakki were also beginning to promote CME product in the market, even in Ikebe's Shibuya central store, the amount of the sold CME keyboards already exceeded that of each of the three biggest Japanese digital audio instrument brands.

On the Music Instrument Fair, Koh said: "I was always hoping to provide the professional musicians the unique and creative digital audio instrument products during the past years of my career time. When I saw the product of CME, I found it really matched with my idea. And it made me very happy to see China being able to produce such professional and creative professional digital audio instrument products. It's my pleasure to introduce CME to all the Japanese musicians and offer them the opportunities to use such excellent instruments. I have arranged several important business conferences for CME including meeting with R&D staff from big companies during this time. We hope the Japanese manufactures could know more about CME products, and I also hope CME would bring us more amazing and creative products soon."

The general manager Yitian Zhao and product manager Xiaoshuai Chu of CME attended the Japanese fair. Yitian Zhao said: "Japan is one of the three greatest digital audio instrument industries in the world, and it is also the cradle land of the three top digital audio instrument brands Yamaha, Roland and Korg. It's a good opportunity for us to learn by attending such professional instrument fair. And we will introduce the new concept CME product as
well as we can to Japanese customers and friends. These products adopt the suggestions of great deal of customers during our daily business. And we felt even more confident to develop the products upon our strategies especially when we saw they had been accepted by Japanese customers. I hope our effort would bring the musicians from all over the world the real convenience and practicality as possible as we can."

The products presented by CME during the fair included the VX intelligent MIDI keyboard, the UF 2nd generation keyboard, U-Key mobiltone keyboard, M-Key portable keyboard, WIDI-X8/XU wireless MIDI system, GPP-3 programmable grand piano pedal, U2MIDI cable-like USB MIDI interface, etc..

CME's general manager Yitian Zhao at the CME booth.

CME's product manager Xiaoshuai Chu at the CME booth.

Xiaoshuai Chu and Koh, the president of CME's Japanese agent Kohske, were discussing the new product.



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