MI FAIR Exhibitors Paid High Attention To CME
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More staff from R&D and Market Dept. of the exhibitors appeared in the Expo hall. They would like to investigate the industry market and developing tendency of products on the biennial expo. The booth was filled with familiar faces, surely some from the big brand companies including Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Kawai, Tascam and Vestax, etc..

Yamaha released new Grand Touch series electrical-piano keyboards which are assembled with real wooden material and imitated ivory pasted surface, it seemed that all the developers were looking for a better combination of original sound and audio techniques. Roland acted as a pioneer of audio instrument manufactures, and their newly released audio ancient piano V-Harpsichord had become a fresh member of V-serious instrument which already included V-Synth, V-Drum, V-Guitar and V-Accordion within it. Korg is some like the practical Japanese product, instead of the conceptional style of the above two brands, the M3 audio workstation and the rest products promoted by Korg were mainly correspond to the demand of the current market. Kawai is the second biggest piano manufacture and it released its new "AnytimeX"Silent Piano which was especially improved towards silent feature. It seemed to be competitive with the silent serious of Yamaha. Tascam from TEAC Group brought the entire serious music training machine, the newly released CF flash memory multi-track recorder and the Hi-Fi headphone system which was especially designed for deaf-mute customer, presented differently from the other brands. Worth to mention Vestax, a traditional DJ mixer devices manufacture, who released entire new serious product of DJ computer controller and mobile digital loudspeakers(800w) and audio interfaces at this time. The talented design and features made it outstanding beyond
its colleagues such like Numark, Pioneer, Technical, Stanton and etc., and became the leader of the digital DJ field.

CME has been developing upon its creative and unique strategy, and has played its own part among the international market quickly with its various "first in the world"practical features and market strategies. When the staff from the above companies came to CME booth, they were all surprised by the details of CME products, such as the first automatic faders in the world on VX, the intelligent keyboard as U-CTRL, the first keyboard assembled with wireless MIDI and opened platform expansion as UF fire-key, the first bi-directional long distance wireless MIDI system as
WIDI-X8, the first programmable grand piano pedal as GPP-3, the first multi-functional keyboard which covers both the fields of real-time performance and computer music production as U-Key and the first triple-axis high performance MIDI controller as Bitstream 3X, etc.. The Develop Dept. manager of Korg, the national Sales manager of Yamaha and the editor of Keyboard Magazine all appreciated the unique concepts of the CME products, they expressed that CME has brought a creative fresh air into the industry, and it avoided the low level price competition and obtained the respect from the industry.

The Develop Dept. manager of Korg visited CME booth.

The R&D staff of Kawai was performing the CME product.

The lovely female editor of Japanese Keyboard Magazine furthest loved VX.

The people from other manufactures were looking around CME booth.


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