CME Keyboard Attracted Japanese Visitors
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The visitors on the MI FAIR JAPAN during the first two days were mainly from professional fields of the industry such as product dealers and related medium. While great numbers of general visitors came to the Expo from the third day, as reported by the expo organizer the number of visitors on Saturday was around 40, 000 and reached 50,000 on Sunday. Although CME keyboards are professional devices and most of their applications need to be supplied by audio
process programs from computer, most of the visitor who passed by CME booth would like to have a go and to know more about the features, the secret was the outstanding appearances of CME keyboards.

Many visitors appreciated the touch feeling of UF80 & VX8 after playing them and they found them felt very natural and comfortable. They mostly said they would like to have the CME's electrical-piano products. A lot of youth customers were attracted by the fashionable and dazzling color of the VX, it really made people excited while the electrical-powered faders were smoothly sliding up and down with the sound playback of computer audio program. The ASX analogue synthesis expansion which was promoted by CME to the Japanese market had also become a sweet-spot on the Expo. ASX features the opened DSP platform concept which was a point to please the middle-age visitors who had been through the time of Japanese analogue synthesizer. You can have this synthesizer hardware who features the wireless updatable analogue synthesis DSP platform and maximum eight analogue synthesizers at 1/5 the price of the Japanese brand synthesizer and this is really charming. Many young ladies were screaming "that's lovely!" when seeing the keyboards at CME booth, they greatly fancied U-Keys and preferred the pearl blue version, even some of them couldn't move their feet from U-Keys. Little children were also interested with CME keyboard, although they don't know how to play they still couldn't help to randomly play the keys when they saw such dazzling keyboards, and made their parents have to apologized to other players.

Among the professional keyboards that are mostly appeared as black & white image, CME keyboards bring the customers to the colorful world. The gem red of VX, the pearl blue of U-Key and the silver & deep gray of 2nd generation UF, these products and their amazing colors have been the symbols of CME, and provide entirely new experience to all of the customers from professional musicians to amateurs.

Lots of Japanese visitors were looking around the CME booth and playing various keyboards.



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