Bitstream 3x Review by Stuido Magazine of Sweden
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CME  Bitstream 3x
With 35 knobs, 8 Sliders and 16 buttons, the Bitstream 3X gives you total hands on control of any DAW software and comes with an astounding 13,000 presets including Reason, Live, Reaktor, Traktor, Absynth, Cakewalk and of course Cubase. The 3X in it's name refers to 3 axis control. The 3X gives you full control over the X, Y and Z axis. Its joystick allows control over X and Y while the ribbon controller is used for the Z access. Digital DJ's will love the MIDI Cross fader and the 8 track motion sampler allows automated recording of the movements of the knobs, joystick, crossfader and ribbon controller.

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CME Bitstream 3x Super MIDI controller is compatible with Windows 7


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