CME Announces World's First Duplex Wireless MIDI/USB System
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CME continues its string of world's firsts with the introduction of the WIDI X-8, a full duplex wireless system for MIDI and USB communication. The WIDI X-8 is a great way to clean up long MIDI cable runs or extend USB connections. The two units communicate over a wireless 2.4GHz ISM license-free band up to 262 feet of unobstructed space. Also able to communicate through walls and floors, the WIDI X-8's 64 available channels mean up to 64 pairs can run at the same time within your home, studio or stage, making connections faster and easier. The WIDI X-8 comes with two identical MIDI/USB devices that operate in four different ways depending on the users needs. First, each unit can work independently as a stand-alone USB to MIDI interface. With both units in MIDI/RF mode, a keyboard or MIDI controller can be wirelessly connected to rack modules, samplers, or other keyboards - great for use on stage. With both units in USB/RF mode, USB data is transmitted between devices, allowing wireless communication between two computers in different areas of the home or studio. Put one unit in USB/RF mode and the other in MIDI/RF mode and you have a wireless interface to connect a keyboard or MIDI controller to a computer. Key Features Operates on 2.4GHz ISM license-free band Transmission range up to 262 feet (unobstructed) Low power consumption, high speed, error correction ability Built-in USB MIDI interface Bi-directional MIDI communication (MIDI in/out) Up to 64 pairs can be operating at the same time via 64 channels Three operating modes (USB/RF, MIDI/RF, USB/MIDI) OS X and Windows XP class-compliant for plug-and-play Powered by 2 'AA' size batteries, AC power adapter (DC 5V) or USB bus-powered The WIDI X-8 will be available in August, 2006 for $249.99 US MSRP. Musikmesse Frankfurt am Main: Hall: 5.1 Walkway: B Stand: 54. For more information, visit products-list/product-widi-8.html


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