CME at Winter Namm Show 2006
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With many new products, CME join the Winter Namm Show 2006. Local distributor of Unite States - Yamaha USA put CME's new products at their booth and use many CME's new product such as Matrix X, Matrix Y, GPP-3 for Yamaha's digital music equipment show case


New Driver for UF400e
Applications for a CME Forum Moderator are being a
UF Editor v1.0 coming soon...
UF8SE in MTV of Yu.Quan
Some UF show movie in China
CME representative Wave Idea worldwide
download for 2005.10 CME new product brochure available
User manual for UF400e available
UF Editor v1.0 available
Photo of Matrix X/Y available


Bitstream 3x Review by Audiofanzine of France
VX5 Reviews by Keyboard Magazine Japan

      UF6mLan angel 2
      UF400e Top
      UF400e Rear
      UF400e Angle
      UF5 angle