Praise for the WIDI X8 from our Endorsers
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CME’s Wireless USB MIDI Interface, WIDI-X8, has proved popular with two professional musicians who met on tour.

Alessio Lucatti, who played recently with Labyrinth on their 29 date 2011 European Tour, is enthusiastic about the product.

"I chose the CME WIDI X8 Midi wireless system. At last I had found finally a device which gives me complete freedom on stage and get rid of cables hindrance. And there's more; It can be used to wireless control singers'n guitarists' pedalboards”.

Heading the European Tour was Henrick Klingenberg’s band Sonata Arctica.

"Labyrinth’s keyboard player Alex spoke very highly of it, and while I had some doubts about if it was the thing for me, he quickly proved that all my fears where totally misplaced” said Henrick.

"Seeing it work perfectly night after night convinced me so I just had to get a pair myself. For the last 10 years I've been using shoulder keyboards and it's a bit annoying trying to run around on stage with a long cable getting in the way. Finally that is over for me and I really look forward to playing the big festivals this summer where I can really take full advantage of the freedom the WIDI X8”.

WIDI-X8 reduces the risk of the wrong cable being plugged in at the wrong time, making it popular with musicians who want to reduce the number of cables on stage. Not only is it popular with keyboard players, many accordion players are also going ‘wire free’ with CME.


 Alessio Lucatti with WIDI X8                     Henrik Klingenberg / Sonata Arctica with WIDI x8


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