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Thank you for being here and taking the time to contribute to the optimization of WIDI. The fact that you visit this page and intend to tell the truth allows us to become a better manufacturer with satisfied customers as top priority.

It's as simple as it is. Without satisfied customers, our future is very short. We simply don't want that. Our international team works hard every day to make a difference. Ultimately, our goal is to build a sustainable business based on delivering innovative technology to the active community of music lovers.

That is why your feedback is very important to us. It is your opinion and experience that enables us to do a better job and focus our resources on the right objectives and priorities.

Let's start with a simple survey consisting of 10 simple questions.

What's up next?

After we successfully launched the first 4 WIDI products, you will soon have the opportunity to add WIDI to your own DIY project with WIDI Core (X). This is more or less the less is more solution for WIDI. It is the Bluetooth MIDI chipset with WIDI firmware installed.

What happens next depends on your wishes and the situation in the market. That said, together with the community, this shortlist had already been created. In addition, the community also started sharing their experiences in this open source compatibility list

Feel free to add your compatible and validated MIDI device to the list for the convenience of others. Or check if your MIDI instrument is already listed to make a better decision about which WIDI device you really need.

Share your story

If the survey wasn't enough for you, you can share your story in the comments section below.

Please take the time to tell us what you liked or disliked about your experience with WIDI. Let us know right out of the box if it worked for you, what nice collection of MIDI devices you have connected together, and anything else you want to share.

If you've contacted us for support or even if you've returned your products, please share with us. The more information you give us, the easier we can improve our products and services for you and your fellow music creators.


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  • I have four WIDI MASTER and one WIDI JACK.
    Two by two it works well!
    But what I want is to be able to control my Projectmix console, my two sound modules with my EWI4000S and my digital piano.
    For now I’m waiting for Android (and Windows) updates to make my groups because I don’t have an iPhone.

    • Thanks for sharing. Bluetooth MIDI is a standard as set by the MIDI Association. The connectivity with the MPC Live specifically seems to be a challenge as reported on the open source compatibility list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L6D2lUkcX0NEHpzp0vw5aAtAIsHANeUOCCH_fXtwyKI/edit?usp=sharing

      That said, we are always searching for solutions. At this stage it is hard to get in touch with Akai on this subject. Did you ever try to reach out to them? If so, feel welcome to share contact details with us via info(at)cme-pro.com so our developers can join the discussion to find a solution together.

  • Compatibility with kenton retrofitted machines (midi in and thru only) is not good, widi out must be connected to midi thru and creates a lot of midi loop issues. Also compatibility is not good with other midi retrofits. Also when a new widi instrument wants to be added to a group, no other way than make the group again. There’s a lot to improve I guess.

    • Thanks for sharing. Let me report this problem you have with Kenton to our developers. Did you reach out to Kenton to find a solution for this? It might be a setting in the device, but it is hard to judge from here.

      Concerning the groups. Yes you are right. This is the way to go. As you set up the group and save it as default in all group members, it will allow you to automatically pair it instantly when you boot up the group.

      That said, I do agree, this is surely something we should improve.

  • The connection and Configuration with IOS is easy and a fluent connection to the computer, but I like to control parameters in my Guitar Pedals, and I can’t get any response or connection to parameter changes? Pedals: Boss 200series connected to Ableton. Nothing urgent right know, as the live concerts are kind of rare. But, would be nice to get it done for the summer, where we all enter the stage again 😉

    • Thanks for reaching out. WIDI can send any kind of MIDI message. Both from hardware to operating systems as well as between two pieces of hardware without using any computer.

      For this kind of support request there are generally two options.
      1) Reach out to our technical department via https://www.cme-pro.com/support/
      2) Reach out to our community with a tremendous amount of shared knowledge via https://www.facebook.com/groups/cmeprofans

      Either way, we are happy to investigate the challenge with you via one of those platforms.

  • Inzwischen funktionieren die Widi Master nicht, auch eine Verbindung zu meinem Windows 10 wird nicht mehr hergestellt. Nach einem Update lassen sich die Teile noch nicht einmal mehr zurücksetzen. Da die Zusendung des Produktes mehrere Wochen gedauert hat bis es hier in Deutschland bei mir ankam ist ein Zurückschicken sicher aussichtslos denn wer weis ob ich die beiden Teile jemals wieder sehen werde. Sie liegen bei mir nun im Schrank und ich habe inzwischen eine andere Lösung gewählt. Alles in allem finde ich das Produkt noch nicht ausgereift da eine Verbindung zu Windows seit Anfang an nicht ausreichend funktionierte.

    • Es tut mir leid das zu hören. Hat es vor dem Update funktioniert? Haben Sie die Anweisungen unter https://www.cme-pro.com/support/ befolgt?

      Besonders dieses Video? https://youtu.be/t7GVEzIWQrw

      Oder haben Sie sich unserer Gruppe angeschlossen, um Menschen zu finden, die ähnliche Situationen bereits gelöst haben und ihre Erfahrungen mit Ihnen teilen können? https://www.facebook.com/groups/cmeprofans

      Ihre Musiksoftware muss die neueste UWP-API von Microsoft integrieren, um den mit Windows 10 gelieferten Bluetooth-Klassen-kompatiblen MIDI-Treiber verwenden zu können.

      Die meisten Musikprogramme haben diese API aus verschiedenen Gründen noch nicht integriert. LoopMIDI plus MIDIberry sind eine der alternativen Lösungen für die MIDI-Übertragung zwischen dem Windows 10 Bluetooth MIDI-Treiber und der Musiksoftware.

      Daher wird unter Windows empfohlen, LoopMIDI oder MIDIberry zu installieren, damit es funktioniert. Dies liegt einfach in der Architektur von Windows und seinen Einschränkungen für Bluetooth-MIDI-Lösungen.

      Eine nächste Lösung besteht darin, sich für WIDI Uhost zu registrieren. Es ist die USB-MIDI-Lösung, die jedem Betriebssystem Bluetooth-MIDI hinzufügt. Einschließlich Windows.

      Wenn Sie jedoch wirklich nicht zufrieden sind, haben wir in beiden Deutschland genügend Partner, damit Sie Ihre Produkte zurückgeben können. Kontaktieren Sie uns einfach über das Formular unter https://www.cme-pro.com/support/

      Hoffe das hilft!

  • I own (2) WIDI Masters and (1) WIDI Jack and love them and the company!! I had some issues when upgrading the firmware, and contacted CME-Pro and they work together with MOTU to solve my problem with the new rev of firmware. I have rarely seen a company respond to a customer as quickly and as effectively. I’m looking forward to getting a WIDI Host and have one on pre-order.

  • I answered “yes” to using the group function in the app, though that is because I *attempted* to use the group function. Wasn’t able to get a BLE iPad, WIDI Jack, and WIDI Master to connect in series.

    • Group connectivity will only work with WIDI devices. We are not able – yet – to add other Bluetooth MIDI devices. With group connectivity you create 4 parallel 2-way communication routes between 1 central and up to 4 peripherals.

      If you want to create a group with your iPad and WIDI Jack + WIDI Master, you can use a MIDI routing app and utilise the standard multiple connection feature of your iPad.

      Did you read this blog post? https://www.cme-pro.com/public-beta-test-ios-widi-app/

  • Works well but way too expensive for me. To use with my rig I would need 10 units which would be over $800(Canadian) before shipping.

  • I have a WIDI jack and WIDI Master and I’m afraid that I’ve had to give up on both. I’m trying to control a drum machine and looper from Ableton Live on a 2018 Mac Mini running MacOS Big Sur. The onboard bluetooth didn’t work and I wound up running a BT dongle on a USB cable to a position about five feet from the WIDI device. I tried every setting I could find in the Mac midi settings and I updated the WIDI firmware. When I can get a connection, it works okay for a few minutes and then gradually loses sync then cuts out. It’s back to physical cables, at least for now.

  • I would love it if CME partnered with effects pedal makers to build WIDI directly into their pedals. Being able to wirelessly control all my midi pedals would be game changer. Source Audio, for example, makes great midi controlled pedals. If CME were to partner with them to make a line of entirely wireless pedals, I would probably upgrade all of my pedals. The same is true of Strymon.

    • You are totally right. Actually we are working on this. We already partnered with Airturn, Airstep, Pirate MIDI and Morningstar Engineering. Also, we’ve sent samples to Strymon to find out solutions for their approach to MIDI channels. And we are connecting with Source Audio to investigate further.

      If you have any other recommendations, feel welcome to share them with me.

  • So you’re going to spam my inbox with nothing articles until you reach 3000, without giving me a code for the new product? That is pretty disingenuous. Please remove me from all lists unless you’re going to make good on the offer.

    • Hi there Tristan, thanks for taking the time to respond. I am sorry to hear that my emails annoy you. I do appreciate you taking the time to notify me about your experience.

      Allow me to explain shortly. With crowd creation we ask people to register. When we reach 3,000 registrants that is the point where we can say: “This new concept has enough people interested to take it into production!”.

      That is an approach we call “crowd creation”.. If you are interested you can learn more here: https://www.cme-pro.com/crowd-creation-the-power-of-the-community/

      That is also why we do not dispatch any discount code instantly. Simply because we do not know yet if we take WIDI Uhost (the current product in crowd creation) into production yet.

      As soon as we reach this number, you will receive your 50% discount code.

      It is fairly simple. I cannot decide for you if that offer is good or bad according to your personal experience. Meanwhile, I try to update you on the progress of WIDI development as much as I can.

      It is up to you to decide if you are interested in this approach. If yes, you can invite your friends to register to reach the target sooner. If no, simply unregister.

      From my understanding now, it is better I unsubscribe you from our list. That is done. If you still want to benefit from the future discount, simple re-register:https://www.cme-pro.com/widi-uhost/

      Wishing you a pleasant and joyful day!”


  • I own a Widi Jack. No automatic connection to MacOS is a deal breaker for using it live. Also this device doesn’t pair like a others, which is a security issue. If I wanted to use it live, anyone could just open Widi App and start messing around with my Widi Jack. Useable at home, but useless live (for now at least).

    • Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. The manual pairing is inherited from the architecture of macOS. This is not something we can change as a small developer of Bluetooth MIDI technology. It is simply the way Apple secures their connection with anything related to Bluetooth.

      That said, we can offer an effective solution by adding WIDI Uhost to your operating system. You can find more details about it via https://www.cme-pro.com/widi-uhost.

      Concerning security. When any WIDI device is paired, it is no longer available for pairing with another device. In other words, when used on stage and you paired it with your operating system, your mobile device, another BLE MIDI device or another WIDI device, it no longer advertises itself for connecting with an external device.

      Therewith it is not possible to manually pair it with anyone from your audience, as it is already occupied.

      When you go further into the technology you will find you can create groups with the app. This will even allow you to set up a default pair. This will add another way to secure your connection to allow only preset connections. This can be from 2 to 5 devices in that network. When saved, upon booting, they will automatically and only connect to your predefined WIDI devices.

      You can learn more about default connections and group connectivity in this blog: https://www.cme-pro.com/public-beta-test-ios-widi-app/

      Hope this helps for a better understanding.

  • I’ve discovered that I cannot pair my widi jack with the Bluetooth midi on my Diezel vhx in peripheral mode. This wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t automatically pair with my other widi devices on power up. I need two SEPARATE midi loops for my setup to work properly. How do I get my devices to not connect to each other automatically?

    • Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share your case here. It is truly appreciated.

      I am not sure if you mean your WIDI is in peripheral mode or your Diezel. That said, I assume you are taling about your WIDI device. WIDI devices can be both central and peripheral. And they can automatically switch between those roles.

      99.9% of the standard BLE MIDI devices, like your Diezel are only peripherals. Two peripherals in the world of Bluetooth cannot pair to each other. This is the unique part of WIDI devices. Like your operating system or mobile device, they can be the central device. This way you can operate without the need of an operating system as the central (or better said host). This is what for instance the Yamaha MD-BT01 cannot do. It will always need that host device and can only operate as a peripheral.

      As I am not familiar with the Diezel VHX or with your exact setup here are some general suggestions.

      1. Power up the devices pair by pair to ensure automatic pairing to each other as you prefer.
      2. Create a default group between 2-5 WIDI devices so they pair automatically when powered as this group. This will leave your remaining WIDI the only WIDI device not part of the group and available to pair with your Diezel.
      3. Wait until we are able to add other BLE MIDI devices to groups and create a default pair.

      As far as I understand your setup, you can create a group ranging from 2-to-5 WIDI devices and save them as default. This way they will not be able to pair with your WIDI Jack. That WIDI Jack will then only be available for your Diezel.

      We are currently working on expanding group connectivity to add other devices than only WIDI. This is really compex and will take a lot of time with all those different BLE MIDI devices available. You can read more about this roadmap here: https://www.cme-pro.com/public-beta-test-ios-widi-app/

      Also, if I am wrong about my assumption on your setup feel welcome to join our Facebook Group and opt-in on the shared knowledge of many MIDI enthusiasts: http://www.facebook.com/groups/cmeprofans

      Or reach out to our support experts via the form on https://www.cme-pro.com/support

      We are always happy to help and do our utmost best to reply within 24 hours depending the time difference. Also, we are very much interested in feedback to move our innovations forward based on your experience.

      You are always welcome to reach out to us.


  • Hi…..love the direction here. HOWEVER…..we also need Windows connectivity. Ooooppsss did I say a curse word. Sorry to use that ‘W’ word, but you know, there’s a TON of software running on that OS platform that take advantage of this.

    I saw a video on how to set up wireless MIDI on Windows. It was a simple 45 step process that needed 4 pieces of software, and a PhD in technology.

    But seriously….if you want WIDI to soar, and expand it’s use exponentially – create a ONE step or single piece of software that allows software running on Windows to send MIDI messages to your device through Bluetooth.

  • I just got 2 WIDI masters, but I started out focusing on just WIDI> Win 10 to see if that works and how the latency is. I’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to get just one WIDI Master to work with Windows 10 Pro (with WIDI on an Akai 4000s or FCB1010 midi pedalboard). Followed all instructions, using the Korg Midi driver. Everything goes along fine… Korg shows up in Device Manager/Sound, updated firmware to 1.37, forced peripheral, and I rebooted everything. Win 10 BT is connected (I tried re-pairing but no change). But WIDI doesn’t show up as a Midi option at all in software, and the blue LED on WIDI is still flashing. I tried it on Sonar Pro (pre-bandlab) and my main software, Cantabile 3 Performer. Doesn’t work.

    The reason I went ahead with this purchase was from the detailed info the sales team gave me after I inquired about my specific situation. I have a Bud on pre-order, which CME said will essentially solve this issue, but in the meantime I have to decide whether I’m going to stick with CME at all, or return them and go another route. Hmmm

    • I think you need to make sure to update your Windows 10 ánd onboard Bluetooth driver to latest version, then the Korg BLE driver will work. If it does not work yet, we are happy to assist you personally. Just fill in the form via https://www.cme-pro.com/support/ and one of our experts can guide you through this.

      Please note, that best latency performance is between two WIDI devices. The Korg BLE MIDI driver solution is a work-around to bypass the limitations of Windows. And indeed the best solution therefore is to get the WIDI Bud Pro or WIDI Uhost to add this WIDI-to-WIDI connectivity to any operating system.

      Hope this helps!

  • Same poster as the previous Win 10 issue… While I couldn’t get it to work with Win 10, I did connect Widi Master #1 on my Akai or FCB1010 footpedal, with my Widi #2 on the midi jacks on my Interface. At first I got nothing, jsut flashing blue lights, but then I went on the app and changed both of them back, from forced peripheral (from trying Win 10) to Auto… you should add that to your instructions. Once I did that they paired automatically and I was good to go. No detectable latency whatsoever, definitely under 10 and probably around 3-5ms, as advertised. Very nice! So I’ll eagerly await the Bud Pro, I hope it works because while this works great for one midi device, I need at least 2 devices at latency under 10ms.

    I know this is midi data so it’s relatively low bandwidth, but I’d love to see under 10ms wireless IEMs, affordable, using Bluetooth (probably not happening) or even wifi IEMs using a dedicated router. That would be a goldmine for you. Anyway, fingers crossed on the Bud Pro.

    • Great to hear this. Please make sure to update your Windows 10 ánd your onboard Bluetooth driver to the latest version to fully benefit from the Korg BLE driver solution.

      We recently released the WIDI app manual for your convenience. The Force Peripheral mode has been designed when you use multiple WIDI devices. In the default Auto Role they will pair automatically to each other which is very convenient. When pairing with a mobile device or computer, you need to disable that automatic pairing to connect with the operating systems one by one manually. If you leave it to auto role, there is no way to pair them manually. That is what the force peripheral setting is for.

      You can find the manual to the WIDI app here: https://www.cme-pro.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/WIDI-App-user-manual_v05_en.pdf

      If you experience any challenges still, simply reach out via the support form, you will get a reply and personal assistance within 24 hours via https://www.cme-pro.com/support/

      Also, thanks for your suggestion on IEM. Today we can reduce latency between two WIDI devices to 3ms. Then again, audio over Bluetooth is a different ball game. Of course, in the future, we will be able to deliver similar performance for IEM solutions. Just not today yet…

      Hope this helps and thanks for taking the time to reach out to us.

      • We love the idea of high performance wireless audio for professional usage. That said, to make it affordable and widely applicable is the real challenge 😉

  • Hello,
    I manage a digital music instrument orchestra with a lot a midi connexions (more than twenty interfaces at the same time). We buy many WIDI devices that I’m testing now. It seems to work very well when we only use WIDI devices as Tx and Rx. All of them are strongly linked together by forcing the peripherals and grouping. This is really great. But I cannot link our BLE-MIDI interfaces on a fixed connection or a group. I understand that it isn’t possible with a apple device that change it’s ID frequently, but these interfaces have their own fixed name and ID (for example, we have 8 Roland AE-01 wind interfaces). Automatically pairing is not possible with so much interfaces (the begining of a rehearsal could become a hell), and if one interface turn off on a performance, we need it to be reconnected quickly to the right destination. Maybe there’s something that I misunderstand on the way WIDI work with BLE-MIDI DMIs ? Or if it’s not possible yet, I really hope that this will be on your new features plans.
    All the best.

    • Hi Gana,

      Thanks for reaching out. It is much appreciated. At this stage WIDI groups are only for WIDI devices. The complexity is not necessarily in the fixed ID. It is in the way an app operates on iOS.

      For security reasons an iOS app only gets temporary IDs from any Bluetooth MIDI device. With WIDI devices, we can set the firmware to allow to provide the fixed (real) ID besides the temporary (virtual) ID.

      From this perspective, a manufacturer needs to work with us to allow their devices to be part of the WIDI group.

      Two things, the first is that we are actively working on finding solutions for this. Getting the WIDI groups to become Bluetoooth MIDI groups is certainly on our roadmap. For more details: https://www.cme-pro.com/public-beta-test-ios-widi-app/

      Secondly, we are launching the second phase of WIDI devices, it are the WIDI Uhost and WIDI Bud Pro. With all WIDI devices available, you can add WIDI to any device. This might be an interesting work-around for you. WIDI Uhost and WIDI Bud Pro add WIDI groups to class compliant USB MIDI devices.

      This is besides the already available TRS and DIN solutions via WIDI Master and WIDI Jack. You can find more detials here: https://www.cme-pro.com/widi-premium-bluetooth-midi/

      That all said, I’d love to get connected to see how we can support you and your specific use case in the best possible way. I’ll will reach out to you on a personal level.


  • In regards to pricing, I wanted to offer my 2 cents. While I understand the product price is a market based thing, the shipping costs for MULTIPLE units is seriously flawed. Everyone knows that shipping is weight (and to a lesser degree size based), but always has a minimum cost. So when a single unit adds an additional ~$10 to ship, I can give CME the benefit of the doubt (due to minimum shipping costs).

    HOWEVER, the shipping costs on multiple units is pretty hard to comprehend as these devices (even with retail packaging) are quite small and VERY light. There is almost no chance that shipping 4 or 5 of the could cost more (in actual shipping charges) than the cost to ship just one unit. Additionally, if someone wanted to buy 10, the actual shipping cost would only be slightly higher. Right now, I think the cost to ship 5 or 6 of these is something like $25 which I think is exorbitant. The next one after that jumps to an even more insane shipping charge.

    Quite honestly, I think this adversely impacts the credibility of CME pricing because most people immediately realize that they are being overcharged on multiple units (and most people would want to order multiples due to the products nature of needing at least two units in most use cases, but more often multiples higher than that since the product primarily appeals to people with many midi cords to replace).

    Like I said, the product cost is the product cost, but shipping seriously needs to be revisited especially in terms of multiple units. I seriously think CME would sell far more units by charging the ACTUAL shipping charges (plus a flat modest fee for packaging).

    I do love these devices and gave actually tried to spread the word, but invariably people quote the shipping charge as a the number one barrier to taking the plunge. Most often the response is that these units are a bit pricey but that is (somewhat) understandable. However, since they always need several the shipping charges become the dealbreaker.

    Just an FYI, I have bought several PAIRS myself but even I would be hard pressed to buy more (even with a promo code) due to the shipping charges…and believe me: I REALLY like these devices… that alone should tell you something.

    • Thanks Eric for taking the time to get into detail.It is truly appreciated. I agree that international shipping is always challenges. We are not Amazon nor Alibaba. The best solution is to purchase WIDI via local resellers: https://www.cme-pro.com/cme-widi-master-ultra-low-latency-wireless-midi-din-5-bluetooth-midi-adapter-without-battery/

      The give you some more insights on this matter, shipping costs are fully automated and calculated via the API tool of our shipping partner Easyship. It depends on the destination and the size/weight.

      Keep in mind that in this period (Nov 2021) due to end of the years sales, worldwide pandemic, shortage on containers, air freight is going through the roof. Prices have doubled since last month already for forwarders like DHL.

      I just checked for the US. One WIDI units shipping from HongKong to LA (USA) costs US$ 12. If you add up to 10, I finally end op at US$35. That is an average raise of US$ 3,50 per added unit. Looking at an order value of around US$ 600 I think it is reasonable.

      If you have had a different experience, feel welcome to share your details via shipment(at)cme-pro(dot)com

      When you order, you can select your preferred shipping partner. If you think it is too expensive, you can reach out to one of our local partners. You can find them here: https://www.cme-pro.com/widi-premium-bluetooth-midi/

      The only thing is, you have to wait until it is available. That is why our pre-order phase is always the most interesting. You get the best deal first.

      Hope this helps!


  • Hi CME! I own 3 sets of your WIDI buds and LOVE them! I have a product request for you; I need USB B male to WIDI adapters as I have a couple older keyboards I want to integrate into my studio. Also, if you could create a WIDI controlled breakout box to control amp channel/rvb/FX loop via 1/4″ plug that would be awesome! Keep up the great work!

    ~ Lazarus

  • I haven’t actually managed to get my setup to work yet. My laptop doesn’t seem to see the USB C port. I don’t know whether this is a software or a hardware problem and whether it’s a problem with the WIDI or the laptop.
    Another niggle is that neither of my keyboards supply USB power so my dream of fewer cables is in tatters.
    The USB B to USB C cables I bought on the internet are shite and have seriously upset my Kurzweil.
    Hi hum

    • Hi Richard, thanks for reaching out. I am not entirely sure if I understand your feedback. I assume you are talking about WIDI Uhost .

      First, make sure you update both Bluetooth and USB firmware of your WIDI Uhost via the WIDI App (iOS/Android). After this procedure, please do a factory reset via the same WIDI App.

      Most MIDI keyboards operate as USB devices. Not as a power supplying USB host, like your computer. That is why you can use WIDI Uhost as a smart powering solution. You can add power via the first USB-C port of WIDI Uhost and transfer this to your USB device. This way you only need one power supply for both your MIDI device as well as WIDI Uhost.

      For more details on the smart power solutions of WIDI Uhost, feel welcome to read this specific paragraph from another blog.

      To make sure you can operate correctly, please check if you are using OTG USB cables. Or check our accessory cable packs that are also available.

      After this investigation at your side, and in the case you still cannot get it working as you expected, feel welcome to reach out to our support. We will guide you through the process within 24 hours via the form at the bottom of this page.

      Hope this helps!!

  • Hi, I have 2 Widi Masters and use them in my Studio PC DAW and also, IOS and Midi Controller Keyboard, Brian Moore Midi Guitar/Roland VG8,Roland Sound Modules (MG-S64). I use an Ipad and one of the Roland Modules with a iconnect MIDi2+ at my Solo shows. I play Drums and Sing with Midi Tracks played back with the IOS Sweet Midi App. I tried to use the Widi Master on my Gig and It worked fine except after a week or so I was in the middle of a Song, Onstage and it stopped mid song. I quickly disconnected and went back to midi cable for the rest of the night…LOL haven’t tried it live again yet. But I will.
    One of my recent problems is that iconnect discontinued the Midi2+ and 4+ which used a proprietary Lightning to USB B cable now, now longer available. It is rock solid and charges the Ipad simultaneously which is huge live on a show. Maybe someone will know where these cables could be made? Great Products…keep up the good work. I’ll keep my eye on the Forum. Thanks Again, DJM

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for reaching out. I am sorry to hear about this disconnection issue. Did you update to the latest firmware and do a factory reset via WIDI app afterwards?

      For cables, if I search specific ones, I always try Amazon to locate it.

      If you keep experiencing disconnection issues, our engineers should investigate your case more specifically. Feel welcome to reach out via our support form and we will work together to solve it for your specific case.

      Hope this helps!

  • Hi, I forgot to say I have already gotten a couple of Apple Camera Kits for the iconnectmdi2+ and it works but is a bit flimsy where as the original Cable (Lightning to USB b) was solid…until they wear out. We call it “Road Rash” even though I’m careful with my Gear…stuff happens! LOL. DJM

    • Maybe a thing you can try for on stage is a direct WIDI to WIDI connection. It is way more solid then using the integrated Bluetooth MIDI of iOS. As Apple’s Bluetooth architecture is not prioritising Bluetooth MIDI, it can be a big plus on reliability to bypass the limitations of iOS with WIDI Uhost or WIDI Bud Pro via one of your camera kits.

      Hope this helps.

    • Thanks for reaching out. WIDI devices pair automatically to each other. If this does not happen, there are a couple of options:

      1) You’ve set one of your WIDI devices to “force peripheral” as BLE Role via WIDI App. Maybe when you created a group. You need to set all WIDI devices to “auto role” as it is set by default.

      2) You have more BLE MIDI or WIDI devices in your environment. As WIDI devices pair automatically, in the case you have more standard BLE MIDI controllers and other WIDI devices, the device can have been connected to another device. In this case, it will no longer be available for another connection. You can power the WIDI devices on one by one to ensure the connection is made between the two powered devices or create a group of 2 via WIDI App as a fixed connection.

      3) You need to update Bluetooth firmware of your WIDI Master and Bluetooth plus USB firmware of your WIDI Uhost. After the updates, do a simple factory reset via your WIDI App. Next they will pair automatically as set by default.

      If this still does not work for you, feel welcome to reach out via support and we will guide you through the process step by step within 24 hours.

      No worries. The WIDI to WIDI connection is the best there is and it will work for sure!

      Hope this helps!

  • I truly love your products! But I get a bit of hung notes and missed notes when playing fast on a Linnstrument connected to a Continuumini via uhost to uhost. I’m hoping future firmware updates will iron this out. Also hoping for basic midi channel filtering. Until then, stay safe and stay blue!

    • Hi Timmy, thanks for reaching out. This should not happen, as the developers of the Linndrum approved WIDI technology and supported WIDI from day 1.

      Did you do the complete firmware update for both Bluetooth and USB for both Uhosts? Also, did you do a factory reset after the update? This might be the solution already.

      If not, please get in touch with us directly via the form on https://www.cme-pro.com/support so we can work with you to sort it out.

  • I connect my Uhost to my Morningstar MC6 mkii and the from there to all of my MIDI controllable pedals. I generally use my iPad to control different parameters on each pedal or call up a certain “scene.” I can do it from my computer or phone as well. It’s so rad and in such a small package. The best part is that it does everything over the USB port on the MC6 so I can still use the MIDI out to send all the info to the other pedals. I’m working on getting a bidirectional set up going, too. I’m thinking about triggering samples or controlling a DAW with the MC6.

  • I am waiting to buy WIDI Core in order to complete a prototipe of a wind controller midi that I am making. I will apprecite it for its dimension. I hope that it will be on sale as soon as possibile.

  • The WIDI app does not work well on my Android devices. If I have more than one connected, it will show them both until I modify one, after which they both disappear. I have to close the app and start over to modify another device.

    • Sorry to hear this and thanks for reaching out. It is hard to say from a distance as there are so many mobile devices and android versions that need to run WIDI App. Looking at your description, I consider there are two options:

      1) You maybe did not force the WIDI devices to peripheral mode via WIDI App and left it on the default auto role in the BLE role settings. In this case, WIDI devices will pair automatically to each other and no longer advertise within the app. This is common behaviour as WIDI devices will pair without the need of any operating system.

      If this is the case maybe for you, please check page 6 of the manual.

      2) Another option is that you might want to clear the cache of your Android device. This is needed to clear to Bluetooth connection history. Please check this video on how to clear the cache.

      If both possibilities do not solve this issue, please do reach out via the form on our support page. We will answer within 24 hours and make sure you get the process right or maybe find a bug we need to solve.

      Hope this helps!

  • Just want to add that your product support is second to none. Really appreciate your prompt and helpful responses to all your customers!

    • Thanks. It is what we do. We can only deliver better products when keeping your experience and feedback in the centre of our progress and development.

  • Just received my WIDI UHost and started tinkering with my new toy! First of all thank you for bringing such a wonderful product to the market! Previously i owned the Yamaha UD-BT01, and was very much satisfied with it. However, I find this one goes above and beyond that in terms of latency and ease of use and connectivity. Currently I tested this with my Nektar GX61, and it was such a breeze to connect and play. However, i find that the transport controls are not working.. Maybe need some help on that. Unable to use the transport control to work in Logic Pro, even after setting the controls properly in the Control Surface setting tab in Logic. Otherwise, a big thanks!

    • Thanks Basak for your kind words and feedback. I noticed you reached out via support on the transport control matter too. Our team will investigate it and if needed contact Nektar directly to find a solution. Did this problem not occur when working with the UD-BT01?

  • I have a side hobby where I use old classic macs to do retro music production. It is quite a blast connecting a 1986 mac SE30 over widi bluetooth to a rack of analog synths.

  • First of all, I would like to say that CME Customer Service is amazing. Uncomplicated and effective. I am using WIDI-Master to control my MIDI devices with CME Xkey Air and Arturia KeyStep Pro. That works so far without any Problems. MIDI clock has no audible delay. For example works fine with Roland TR-8S. Group Connection opens a wide range of possibilities. Carry on with this great product.

    • Thank you so much for these kind words. It really makes our 2021 to receive these kind of comments. Happy 2022 and let’s stay connected.

  • Recover hobbies. Play the bass, rock and electronics again.

    After having a rock band as a hobby for more than 10 years, I reconnected to this hobby by my daughter and in 2021, I played in a live show again.

    As a result my family gave me as Christmas gift a Boss GT-1B processor pedal.

    I was reading again all things about it, how to integrate to live performing and digital records, how to control pedal through MIDI, how to integrate lyrics and chords Apps like OnSong or Songbook and I arrived to this innovative MIDI company CME-Pro and the WIDI product family.

    Boss GT-1B and GT-1 are with some integrated with many other MIDI Apps, they are not in WIDI certification list and we are not sure it going to works, I started to talk with CME, Thomas and participate in the community to learn and offer my help to certify it and open the doors to others.

    I’m an electronic and software engineer working in the industry for more than 25 years, electronics is one of my hobbies since 12 years old.

    This way, maybe I can help somehow in WIDI ecosystem, play WIDI products, play with WiDI Core and perhaps build something interesting.

    Wish you all a great 2022.

  • The customer service is very good. Just want to relate a strange fact when I play piano on my heavy keyboard : the sound is really “low” when it’s connected by the Wifi master, even if I play very hard ; so I have to boost the level on my UAD sound card… When it’s connected “physically” everything is ok : don’t understand and it’s very annoying because I am Pianist. Keyboard is Casio Privia Px5S. Fix that and the Bluetooth disconnection after a while and this will be the PERFECT product to have.

    • That seems like a very weird behaviour normally not associated with our devices. You might wanna try to update your WIDI to the latest firmware via WIDI app and do a factory reset afterwards. The same goes for disconnection. This certainly should not happen. Did you try to reach out via the form on https://www.cme-pro.com/support so we can assist you directly to solve this? Or try our Facebook Group, it normally has a very fast response time http://www.facebook.com/groups/cmeprofans

  • I am really happy with my Widi Host and Jacks. I really feel CME should just start manufacturing versions of these as components that effects pedal companies can integrate into their pedals. This would save me a LOT of space and cables since effects pedals almost never provide power to midi. And even if they did, the space usage would be way better than having a WMaster or Jack jutting out of the pedals. This would be an industry changer, I think.

  • My problem is that I did not understand your instructions for connecting a MIDI Guitar controller to a MIDI in on a MIDI patch bay. I was told to get your WIDI with USB, but I do not have a USB source on my stage rig. I wanted to know if there was any other way to power the WIDI master (perhaps by running a cable from a MIDI through or even a MIDI out from one of my MIDI devices.

  • Widi Bud Pro works perfectly with Windows, with AirTurn Quad 200 (and also with iRig Blueboard! – needs a second Widi Bud for both foot controllers at once). Very stable, low latency.

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