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Matrix X 5 Channel/Dual Bus Music Production Mixer

The Matrix X by CME is the perfect addition to any simple music production system. It has all the inputs and outputs you need to turn a computer with a built-in sound card or external stereo USB I/O into a complete music production studio. It’s also perfect for adding a microphone or guitar lien input to a digital piano or synthesizer with external inputs.



- Mic/Guitar In XLR Combo input for microphone or guitar, bass with +48V phantom power and gain knob
- 2 channel balanced TRS (1/4”) Sound Card Input for DAW output
- 2 channel balanced TRS (1/4”) Sound Card Output for DAW input
- 2 channel balanced TRS (1/4”) Line Input for external audio source like a synthesizer
- 2 channel balanced TRS (1/4”) Monitor Output with volume knob for monitor speakers
- 2 sets of TRS (1/4”) high power headphone outputs with volume knob
- Dual buses for stereo and monitor, direct hardware monitoring
- 1 set of signal and peak LEDs for left/right input channels
- Direct Monitor switcher for professional pre/post monitoring


Frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz +0.03dB,-0.32dB
Noise level? -100.7dB
Dynamic range? 100.6dB
THD? 0.0018%
IMD + Noise? 0.0045%
Stereo crosstalk? -99.6dB
IMD at 10 kHz? 0.0044%


It combines a high quality, low noise Mic Preamp complete with 48 volt phantom power, a DI style Hi Z input for guitars and basses and a balanced stereo line input for external sources like synthesizers and digital pianos with a complete studio monitoring matrix. The Matrix X outputs include balanced Stereo Monitor outputs for your studio speakers and two separate Stereo headphone outputs. Each output has it’s own independent level control so everyone in the studio can get exactly the volume they like.

Matrix X’s unique features are a dual bus monitor architecture and an additional set of stereo inputs and outputs for your computer’s sound card , stereo USB I/O device or digital keyboard with external inputs. The two-buss design allows easy one button switching from zero latency direct input monitoring to DAW output monitoring complete with native effects processing. If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to expand your system the Matrix X has all the connections you need.

- Switchable Combo Jack for Microphone Preamp with +48V phantom power or Hi-Z Guitar/Bass Input
- Balanced Stereo Line In for external devices like keyboards and mixers
- Stereo Monitor Output and Two Head phones Outputs each with Individual Level Controls
- Stereo Sound Card or USB audio i/o Line In and Out
- Dual bus architecture for switching between stereo zero latency direct hardware input monitoring or DAW Output monitoring



Photo of Matrix X
Matrix X Manual [English]
Matrix X Manual [SC]
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