Brazilian composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Figueiredo’s lengthy list of credits includes a veritable Who’s Who of leading Brazilian artists, such as Beth Carvalho, Daniela Mercury, and Gilberto Gil, as well as international artists like Jamie Glaser, Roman Miroshnichenko, David Cohen, John Pollard, and Stevie B. The two-time Latin Grammy winner’s music has been the driving force behind dozens of Brazil’s most popular TV shows and movies, and he is co-founder, along with renowned American percussionist Frank Colón, of the Musical Nation Project, a creative collaboration that endeavors to mix instruments, musical styles, and musicians worldwide. Figueiredo created the soundtrack of the video clips that represented Brazilian cities of 2014 FIFA World Cup Games, and has composed music for more than 50 TV shows, 10 soup operas, 5 TV series and a handful of Brazilian and American films. He is also part of the collaborative project Bridges a Musical Journey which features musicians from more than twenty countries from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, spanning instruments from all around the world.

” The VX-80 has all I need, including an integrated audio card, great piano feel, awesome MOTORIZED FADERS, robust construction, transport controls and programmable scales among other great features. I’ve never seen a better and more reliable controller ever ! “

Daniel Figueiredo
Composer, producer (Brazil)

Producer with his own band Rakede (Warner Music), HipHop artist Samy Deluxe, Motrip, several releases as Affe Maria (played by some of the worlds most renowned dj´s, airplay on bbc radio one, artist of the month on austrian radio Fm4) etc.

“This one is awesome! Unlike other travel-keyboards I know of, it feels and responds better, and still is light and small. Especially the touch-sensitive modulation and pitch knobs are a clever idea, something I missed when I produce on the road. Wicked!”.

Daniel Karelly
Artist & Producer, Germany